First, the battery:

The standard installation fits a regular 9 volt battery between the front wheels behind the stopper.

  1. PICT_20140424_214600Tie the wire around the truck between the front wheels, so that the battery can connect with the top pointing towards the plate. (See image to right)
  2. Attach the battery.
  3. Wrap a rubber band around the battery, and use the s-hook behind the wheel truck to hold.
    (Tip: Stretch and hold the rubber band across the front of the battery, then pull one side of the rubber band at a time under each wheel.)
  4. Roll band up the 9v so it is closest to the bottom of the battery for a firm hold.

Battery should be snug against the front truck of the skate

20140502_055517Now, attach the lights:

  1. Place led strip on inside of the sole near the middle of the boot
  2. Peel adhesive backing and stick.

Photo illustration of a standard installation:


First some warnings. You now have DIY stuff dangling under your skates. If you are not careful, you’re going to cause yourself or someone else some damage. You won’t be cool, you’ll just be a jerk with lights.

SO – Always inspect the installation before skating. Make sure the adhesive is sticking well and the 
elastic bands are in good condition. If batteries or parts fall off during skating you’re going to trip or make someone else fall on your junk. Don’t be that person.

Alternate Installments:

JamGlo will fit on a variety of quad skates, roller blades and other modes of personal transportation! Send us your pictures at if you figure out alternate ways to attached your JamGlo lights, and we’ll add it to the gallery.

Rollerblades – this ingenious young customer simply tucked the battery  under the laces of the boot, strung the wire down the toe, then taped the lights as far under the boot as the length of the wire allowed.

Leather toe cover – the 9 volt battery wouldn’t fit between the front wheels because the plate was too large. So this creative customer tucked the battery in the gap between the leather toe cover and the boot. It’s like it was a perfect pocket made for the battery! But be careful that the battery doesn’t slip out. We recommend using a bit of double stick tape or sticky Velcro to keep it secure.